Electric Lumbar Back Massager

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  • Material: Cotton, ABS
  • Voltage: 110V-240V
  • Effect: Relieve Waist Fatigue

Package Includes:

  • 1X Sciatica Pain Relief Electric Lumbar Back Massager

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3-in-1 Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager Pillow with Heating


Why leave the comfort of your home for quality massage therapy? 

  • Mitigates chronic back pain

    Corrects postural imbalances

    Restores the natural curvature of the back

    Improves flexibility in shoulder and back muscle

    Alleviates Herniated, Bulging Disc Pain, Spinal Stenosis, etc.

  • - Low back pain

    - Sedentary pain 

     - Weak Walking  

    - Waist discomfort 

    - Sciatic Pain  

    - Waist weakness

  • The Sciatica Pain Relief Electric Lumbar Back Massager is a back massager that soothes aching muscles, relieve tightness, and help promote muscle recovery and sciatica pain relief. This back massager has rolling massage nodes that travel the full length of your back-including your shoulders and lumbar area and stimulating muscles on both sides of the spine.

Vibration Massage Relieves Muscle Stiffness

  • The back massager is equipped with rechargeable lithium batteries, the massager provides you with the ability to use it anywhere. Lasts 2 hours on a full charge. This back massager is an ergonomic and compact pillow back massager that fits perfectly behind neck and body contours of the lower- & upper back, abdomen, calf, thigh, and lumbar areas, this back massager cansoothe aching muscles, sciatica pain relief and can be turned on & off with ease.

  • Sciatica Pain Relief Electric Lumbar Back Massager is back massager that allows adjustment of pillow during the massage. This back massager is perfect to use on for sciatica pain relief, and pains in your lumbar area. The back massager adds an extra element to your sciatica pain relief and muscle pain relief. The heat feature of this back massager can be turned off as needed.

  • The ergonomic construction of this Sciatica Pain Relief Electric Lumbar Back Massager contours to your body to perform deep penetrating massage while supporting your lumbar area. All you need to do is sit back, press the ‘ON’ button of this back massager and simply let your stress melt away.

Claim the benefits of improved blood circulation

The compact design of this back massager is easy to position so that you can target the areas that need the most.

The heating function of this back massager adds an extra touch of muscle-soothing intensity.

Regular use of this back massager will promote blood circulation and help with yoursciatica pain relief.

Our back massager can reduce fatigue in the lumbar area and relieves muscle swelling and tension.


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Are you suffering from any of these symptoms? 

Neck Pain, Tension Headache, Migraines, Cervical Pain, Sore Neck Muscle, Neck Pain Induced Insomnia

Decompression Therapy costs over $4,000 per year.


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Why stretching is so effective for alleviating (and preventing) back pain?

Regular movement and stretching can help alleviate back pain by relaxing tight muscles and improving circulation to help nourish the spine

Not only will regular stretching help loosen the muscles and get rid of existing back pain, but it can also strengthen the back — and lower your chances of dealing with back pain in the future

Can you use it sitting down?

Yes, you can but in a sitting position, your lower back muscles wont be in a relaxed position so it will be less effective.

Is this good for a shifted pelvis?

Applying heat over the lower back and sacroiliac area (flat bony part moving towards your butt) for ~15 minutes once a day...as well as doing some light stretching of those muscles may help with some of the stress put on that joint.

Is it any different from a regular back stretcher

Very different, this one has no discomfort during use, USES air compression to prop up your lower back, and has massage and heating functions.

The massage and the infrared heat therapy works separately or just together?

There is a separate button to turn the heat on or off at three different levels, low, medium or high.

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